You can download these images for free, print it out and then color it.
Tip: Write your name and the date on the sheet and collect your artwork in a folder!

Image 5 – Bananas

Ausmalbild Bananen

Download: Coloring 5

Image 2 – Meadow of Flowers

Ausmalbild Blumenwiese

Download: Coloring 2

Image 3 – Asian Elephants

Ausmalbild Asiatische Elefanten

Download: Coloring 3

Image 8 – Aeroplane

Flugzeug Ausmalbild

Download: Colering 8

Image 6 – Wicker Basket with Bananas

Ausmalbild Korb mit Bananen

Download: Coloring 6

Image 7 – Wicker Basket with Bananas 2

Ausmalbild Korb

Download: Coloring 7

Credits © Jola Belik
Some of the coloring pictures were created AI-assisted and human-edited by Jola Belik . Commercial use, distribution on internet platforms and reproduction, especially in printed form, is prohibited!